About Engineered Wood Flooring


There are many pre-conceptions about what engineered wood floors are. Simply put the word “engineer” means “to alter or change” , Engineered wood flooring is a wood floor that has been altered or changed. This is done for many reasons , but most the common reasons are :


  • To make the wood floor more stable against changes in moisture and humidity
  • To make the wood floor easier to install
  • To reduce the amount or expensive or exotic solid wood required
  • To enhance the appearance of the wood floor
  • To bond smaller strips of wood together in a stable way.


We carry many types of engineered wood floors that vary in type and construction. Our large range allows us to offer all products to suit every customer and home.

Because engineered floors will have a real wood surface , you should expect natural colour variations and filled knots. This means that the actual product can and will vary from photos and samples and some more than others so we always highly recommend checking your product before installation. Once a product has been installed we can no longer change it.

Because engineered floors have a real wood surface, it will still behave wear like a real wood floor so it should be treated as such in terms of protection and aftercare. It will still mark and scratch the same as any solid wood floor depsite some popular misconceptions that engineered flooring is harder wearing than solid woods this is not the case. All wood floors will naturally mark thorugh general use and this is considered normal wear and tear. Our exclusive toughned diamondrange of floors are more resistant to this but they will still eventually mark and scratch.

Some floors finished in oil will require more regular maintenance, such as re-oiling to reduce the appearance of discolouring and scratches. Re-oiling will alos offer added protection against staining. NB Matt finishes may stain easier as they are more porus than higher shine rate floors, so extra care and maintenance may be required.

Maintaining Your Engineered Wood Floor

  • Use door mats at external Doorways
  • Use protective felt pads or castor cups on all furniture
  • Always lift when moving heavy objects.
  • Vacuum with brushes down or sweep your flooring for daily maintenance.
  • Remove dirt or staining with a certified wooden floor cleaner and a damp (never wet) mop
  • Clean up all spills from your floor immediately. Do not allow liquids to sit on your wood floor.Wood floors are expected to mark and scratch and this is not covered by warranty
  • Oiled finishes may require regular maintenance by re-oiling or the maintenance oils to protect the colour and help resist staining
  • Lacquered finishes may require sanding and re finishing after an extended period of use.